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Black Anal Beads


Black Anal Beads


The Black Anal Beads are a must for anyone wanting that something a little extra. Ever wonder how it would feel to have something forbidden enter your booty but unsure where to start? The Black Anal Beads have you covered. These anal beads are perfect for beginners. With multiple balls attached in a series, they will have you smiling like you know something dirty.

Black Anal Beads


The Black Anal Beads: Are you in search of exploring new dimensions of pleasure? Look no further than our stunning midnight black anal beads. They are designed to introduce beginners to a whole new world of intimate pleasure. This elegantly strung piece is sure to arouse and satisfy. Enhance your intimate experience today with these midnight black anal beads and embrace the enticement of pleasure.

Black Anal Beads features

  • 10 different size balls attached in a series with a ring handle.
  • extra stimulation
  • easy to use and easy to clean.
There are two types of anal beads.
  1. An interconnected strand moulded of a single piece jelly or silicone.
  2. Plastic Beads connected together by nylon string, separated by knots on that string.

How to use The Black Anal Beads

  1. Relax Your Body!

Whenever you are playing with a toy or even with your partner you should always try and relax your entire body. If solo playing using a massage wand or any other toy that vibrates and use it to stimulate your body. If partnered start with foreplay.

  1. Lubrication

Use a water-based lube (and plenty of it) and apply to the anal beads and your bottom (most anal beads are made from silicone and shouldn’t be used with a silicone-based lube)

  1. Inserting The Anal Beads

Start by pushing the first anal bead inside you with one hand while using your other hand to spread your anus, this way you will get used to the sensation of gentle anal penetration once you feel comfortable and ready insert more. Remember you don’t have to insert all beads stop at what you feel comfortable. If you are doing it with a partner, make sure to breath and relax while they push in one bead at a top. And remember to say stop when you have reached your limit. When you are about to orgasm pull the beads out as you are climaxing as this will arouse the sensitive nerve ending of the anus, which will amplify the intensity of your orgasm.

  1. Cleaning Your Anal Beads

Simply use warm soapy water and give them a good scrub or use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner. Once clean let them air dry and place in a lint-free fabric bag. We recommend giving them a quick clean before using again.